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Get tutoring in many subjects (math, science, ASL...) with the tutoring delivered in ASL, plus practice many sign languages with peers for FREE.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Veditz is superior to the old way of tutoring!

Prefer to learn the Veditz story in ASL?

Click on the image to the left if you prefer to watch the Veditz story via ASL.

Save money with Veditz

The old way of tutoring requires hiring a tutor and an interpreter (with a 2-hour minimum). With Veditz you only have to hire a tutor since our tutors tutor in sign languages, and furthermore there is no 2-hour minimum. And with Veditz you set the price you are willing to pay as you can search for tutors by what they charge per hour. This approach saves you 50% to 75%.

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Veditz is more convenient

In the old way you have to coordinate 3 schedules (the student, the tutor and the interpreter). That’s a huge logistical issue and everyone needs to travel to the same place. With Veditz, you only coordinate 2 schedules plus our tutors calendars are available online. And since Veditz is delivered online no one has to travel anywhere saving travel time.

Tutors from Maine to Maui

In the old way the only tutors available to you where those in your community and if they weren’t available you had to wait. With Veditz, since the tutoring is being delivered online there are no geographical limitations, you now have access to thousands of people from coast to coast and your chance of not being able to get access is almost eliminated.

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The best tutor wherever you live

In the old way you are limited to locally available support. But in the superior Veditz way since the pool of tutors is coast to coast, if the best math tutor is in San Diego (and we think they are) and you live in New York City, you can access them.

More efficient and effective tutoring

In the old way having an interpreter takes much more time to communicate and therefore less time can be spent in tutoring. But with Veditz, since the dialog is directly between the student and tutor, this takes much less time to communicate and therefore way more time can be spent in tutoring.

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Get help with ASL, ABC, even E=MC2

Want a tutor terrific at Classifiers, is ASLPI 4 or 5 rated, and is a native ASL signer... coming right up. Maybe you need help in Algebra or English writing... we’re at your service. Our tutors tutor in ASL, whether you need help with ASL, Mathematics, Sciences, and more.

Practice with Students for FREE

Peer-to-peer practice is the best way to master any subject, especially sign languages. But finding students is a challenge. Not anymore. With a few clicks you can meet up with others equally interested to practice with you.

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Better than FaceTime, Skype, Hangouts

Our incredibly easy user experience and interface is loaded with tools you can use and which you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out. Click on the image to the left to see how we compare to FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts.

FREE Math Academy

Got a question on math and want an answer in ASL not just English. We’ve created our Free Math Academy, hosted by John Brooks, M.A., a Deaf classroom teacher from San Diego Unified School District. It has videos signed in ASL with English CC on Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry and more. Let us know what questions you have as we continuously add new videos. Go to Math Academy.

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