Connecting, Educating and Empowering the World's Deaf Community

Hi, We're Veditz

There are 70 million deaf people worldwide, of which 90% are born into hearing households, 
with less than 25% of those household’s hearing members learning their country’s sign language, the main way deaf people communicate. How then are deaf children able to communicate with their parents and vice versa, and get foundational early childhood education that critically comes from parents?

Plus 90% of deaf children get educated in mainstream/non-deaf schools, where equal access to education is a struggle due to the lack of teachers and support staff knowing how to sign, and the limited availability of interpreters. This leads to tragic education results. In the USA alone, this leads to the deaf student high school dropout rate being 314% higher, the deaf student college 
dropout rate being 71% higher, and the under/unemployment rate being 265% higher for deaf people; compared to their hearing peers.

At Veditz we are going to fix this by making learning to sign more accessible, affordable and easy.

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At Veditz we offer K-12 and Colleges the first mobile, on-demand and live interactive video chat peer-to-peer practice platform, built with several Deaf design features, that allows anyone learning to sign regardless is they are Deaf or a hearing person, to practice with other learning to sign. K-12 and College students taking learning a sign language can now accessibly, affordably and easily practice signing outside of the classroom to strengthen and grow their mastery of signing. Best of all is this feature is free to students and their schools.

In addition K-12 and Colleges can either license the Veditz platform and host the school’s own tutors who can provide online, anytime, anywhere tutoring for you students within a platform designed around the unique needs of teaching a sign language; or if a school does not have its own sign language tutors, the school can license the Veditz platform and we provide qualified sign language tutors.

And coming soon we’ll be taking the platform to the next step by integrating infrared motion capture of hands and fingers of a person signing to provide the user with real-time feedback of their signing skills. This will dramatically make learning a sign language easier, more accessible, and at a lower cost. After that we’re adding facial expression capture to improve the full expression and meaning to what a person is signing. Click here to see a demo of what we’ve built already...

Meet Our Team

  • Arlene Garcia Gunderson

    One of the USA’s leading Deaf Educators and thought leaders and President of the American Sign Language Teachers Association.

    Arlene Garcia Gunderson

    Co-Founder and President

  • Danny Gong

    Founder of DeafJapan and a leading sign language advocate in Asia.

    Danny Gong

    Regional President Asia

  • John Brooks

    School Teacher in San Diego and Founder of Veditz Math Academy.

    John Brooks

    Dean & Founder Math Academy

  • Vladimir Vityuk

    Prominent mathematician and physicist and expert in automation of business processes and system integration.

    Vladimir Vityuk

    VP Engineering

  • Emily Goldenstein

    Formerly VP Marketing at Marcadamy, and a marketing and sales leader at Spectrum Settlement Recovery and Ividence.

    Emily Goldenstein

    VP Social Marketing

Meet Our Advisors

  • Tim O'Connor

    EdTech entrepreneur working to ensuring a quality and affordable education is available to underrepresented populations everywhere.

    Tim O’Connor

    Board Member & Co-Founder

  • Dan Tucholski

    A full-stack developer formerly with IBM, NASA, JPMorgan Chase and others. Finalist in the 2013 University Hacker Olympics.

    Dan Tucholski

    Board Member & Co-Founder

  • Thomas Horejes

    Leader of one of the USA’s leading organizations serving the Deaf community.

    Thomas P. Horejes, Ph.D.

    Executive Director, DEAF Inc.

  • David Simmons

    Named 2016 University of Texas at Austin's Foreign Language Faculty of the Year.

    David Simmons, M.A.

    ASL professor, U Texas at Austin

  • Regan Thidodeau

    Nationally recognized educator and interpreter of ASL and contributor to Journal of American Sign Language and Literature.

    Regan Thidodeau, M.E.

    ASL professor, Univ. Southern ME

  • Fern Reisinger

    Retired Director of Education at the American School for the Deaf, the USA’s oldest school for the Deaf.

    Fern Reisinger, M.A.

    Retired Dir. Education, ASD

  • Susanne Cannon

    Former Endowed Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Real Estate.

    Susanne Cannon, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus, DePaul U.

  • Stephen Roulac

    Considered one of the U.S.’s most influential real estate analysts. Former faculty member Stanford, UCLA, University of Ulster and others.

    Stephen Roulac, J.D., Ph.D.

    CEO, Roulac Global


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